Dirt to Divinity Presentation

I’ve been invited to give a public talk by the University of Toronto Art History Department about my work as an artist and iconographer on February 8th. I’m looking forward to sharing images of some of my latest icons, talking about the tradition that informs them, and why they’re made the way they are. I would love to see you there if your time and schedule allow it.

You can find Woodsworth College (room 30) by using this map to find your way. The building is at the corner of St. George and Bloor. Please come early, as seating is limited.

2 thoughts on “Dirt to Divinity Presentation”

  1. Hi there, was this discussion given at U of T recorded for later viewing? I am new to iconography, but would love to hear your remarks, view the presentation.

  2. No, I’m afraid the talk wasn’t recorded. Hopefully, some of what I’ve written on this website over the years will be some help to you. All the best.


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