Making an Icon Talk in Waterloo

Conrad Grebel University College

Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 7:30 pm
Great Hall at Conrad Grebel University College

All are welcome for this public talk.

Over the years, I’ve worked through a number of ways of sharing about the traditional practices of iconography. In this talk, we’ll weave together the theologic, historic, stylistic, and material considerations that all combine in making an icon. We’ll explore these in the steps of an iconographer’s work, but also in a way that follows the layers of an icon from back to front—its wooden panel to its painted figure.

This talk is divided into six sections: Wood, Gold, Pigment, Paint, Name, and Bless. Icons are commonly described as, “Windows into Heaven” and I believe each step can rightly be understood as a portal to experience something sacred from the world. Within each section, I share through stories and images the beautiful things I’ve learned from almost 20 years of painting icons.

My hope is that this talk will be inspiring through its sharing, questions, and conversation. And, that by its end, it will lead us all to a deeper understanding of icons and the sacredness they display in the church, and the world.

Download Making an Icon Poster


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