Adding the Structural Cradle

I think I’ve already mentioned the challenge of building an 8′ altar in a space that’s 9′ wide … When adding the structural cradle today, I was very glad of the nice weather so I could roll the work out into the back alley and complete it without the studio’s space limitations.

Every Woodworker Says It …

… and they’re right—There are never enough clamps for a project. Although the altar’s bottom corners went together incredibly well, getting an even pressure on each glue seam takes a lot of setup. I’m now wondering if the studio may need to invest in additional clamps before the project is done.

Table Stone Found

It’s been a long search, but today I finally found the most beautiful stone slab for altar’s table outside Calgary.

Building a Workshop Table

One of the problems I’m facing in making this altar is my need for more space. Currently, my woodworking space is only 9 feet wide, and with the altar being 8 feet wide, I needed to devise a way of getting around it. My solution was to build a table for the workshop that I

Structural Wood Failure

After letting the structural wood dry over the weekend, I’m faced with a significant problem. Every length of the lumber I prepared has twisted, warped, and bowed (as you can see from the winding sticks, which should be parallel but definitely aren’t!) While I could probably pull the wood straight using lag screws, this wouldn’t

Drying Structural Wood

With the cutting and planning finished the wood now needs to be dried. Since it was being stored outside, its moisture content is very high, and I’m hoping I can help get it dry enough to use fairly quickly (hence the fan in the bottom of the photo.)

Preparing Structural Wood

After much searching, I’ve found three long lengths (24 feet each!) of Douglas fir 2x12s that I can cut up to form the wood I need for the altar’s structure.

The Holy Experience of Art

A four-part series by Liturgical Artist Symeon van Donkelaar at the Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre is pleased to invite you to a series of talks exploring the role of the visual arts in the World, the Church, and at Home. Beginning with a broad overview of the way in which good