Atlas Bound

vanDonkelaar_atlasBound-1Atlas of Canada’s Local Colour is now bound! While only a temporary binding, it’s still pretty exciting to see and hold my maps in the book form I’ve been imagining.

It was an interesting challenge to decide what kind of cover I wanted to have, and what it would reference. I tried a number of different materials, but in the end, using a simple, black paper had the right look and feel. I also decided to not finish the edge and let the book board show. I think this kind of cover adds to the maps functionality and helps the work read as practical.

I know the photos don’t show it well, but this is a large book—each page in the atlas folds out to measure 100cm (38½”) x 61cm (24″ ). Unfolding these large pages reveals either a map of a place and that area’s local colour or a spidergram of the different colours realized through simple experiments. In between each of these pages is an onion skin that will keep the painted samples fresh for many years to come.

The maps I’m creating will eventually be sown into a publication, but for now I’m putting together the pages using Chicago bolts so that I can continue to add (and possibly rearrange) new maps as I complete them. I’m looking forward to seeing it fill up!

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    • Symeon I am so excited for you and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with you when you were in Kamloops. Can hardly wait to see the finished edition.


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