Conestogo Map

Maps are taking shape! With my hope of publishing the Atlas of Canada’s Local Colours in time for 2015’s Year of Soil, I’ve been busy finalizing the layout and layering of my local colour maps. I’m continuing to develop in this work depicting the processes, time and colours resulting from my ‘placeful’ experiments in a

Wunderkammer Frame

Over the March Break I decided to take a break from my maps and icons and solve something that’s been bothering me for some time … Over the past decade I’ve collected local colours from the soils and rocks of a lot of different places, but most of these amazing pigments are hidden away in

Atlas Bound

Atlas of Canada’s Local Colour is now bound! While only a temporary binding, it’s still pretty exciting to see and hold my maps in the book form I’ve been imagining. It was an interesting challenge to decide what kind of cover I wanted to have, and what it would reference. I tried a number of

Local Colour Map: Kitchener

The Local Colours of Kitchener

lcMap_kitchner2Local colour map of the Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Pigment in glair binder on paper with pencil and ink; 24″/61cm x 38.5″/98cm; 2013.

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Local Colour Map: Eldorado


lcmap_eldorado2 Local colour map of the Eldorado, Ontario, Canada.
Pigment in glair binder on paper with pencil and ink; 24″/61cm x 38.5″/98cm; 2013.

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New Local Colour Map Underway

I’m busy at work today exploring the local colours of Eldorado, Ontario. This is a place that I’ve visited many times over the years and I love the colour that comes from this location. Over the past few days I’ve managed to take the natural ochre from this community and subject it to temperatures ranging

Local Colour Map: Porte de l'Enfer



Local colour map of the Porte de l’Enfer, Ontario, Canada.
Pigment in glair binder on paper with pencil and ink; 24″/61cm x 38.5″/98cm; 2013.

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Saskatchewan Sampler

“Saskatchewan Sampler Spidergram”
25½” x 38½”
an assortment of local-colour pigments from Saskatchewan;
egg tempera; paper.

In preparation for the upcoming University of Saskatchewan course, “Creating Paint From Soil: Applications And Observations In  Boreal Ecosystems” (ART 398/898.3) I’ve created a preliminary sampler of local-colours from some of the soils forwarded to me by Ken Van Rees (Professor) Department of Soil Science.

Unlike my previous spidergram maps, which had a single sample at their centre, this map has a ring of five soils from around the province. There are some interesting things happening here and I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities further with the students.

Brandenburg Brick

“Brandenburg Brick Spidergram”
18″ x 24″
local-colour pigment; egg tempera; paper.