Conestogo: Bad day

Today was not a good day in Conestogo. When I woke up this morning, it didn’t feel like a good day but I told myself that it would be one because I would chose to make it one (such notions are never foolish until one looks back on them I suppose). But it left my control after the children and I went down to let out the chickens:

First I noticed that two roosters were sharing the windowsill; which is odd, I thought, because they don’t usually get along … Then Michael opened the door and said, “I see one of the chicks and she’s laying down”; honestly I didn’t know what he meant … Upon opening the barn door my eyes moved from dead bird to dead bird and I tried to make some sense of what I saw. Finally I saw the weasel slink out beneath the chicken’s door and everything fit together.

The little bugger wasn’t done yet either. I opened the chicken’s door and the two remaining Welsummer chickens left the roost to go outside (the rest of the smarter chicken breeds stayed inside, I might add) when I emerged from cleaning up a little, the weasel was wrapped around the Welsummer rooster. The idea of blood lust was something I never truly understood until I witnessed that little rodent’s madness. I tried to catch him, but he scurried away and after an hour’s waiting he didn’t come back.

So, most of my flock is dead. Claire and I have carefully gone all around the roost and plugged every hole so we hope that the weasel won’t be able to get in again.

As I write this I am in surprisingly alright space. When I saw the dead birds about the barn floor my first reaction was, honestly, fatigue. I really didn’t want to deal with this; either in physically cleaning it up or emotionally in burying my chickens, all of whom had names and unique personalities. But, it had to be done, and I did it. In the end, I guess there is some comfort in contending with unhappy events when they happen.

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  1. Dear Symeon, Caroline and family…What a shocking turn of events! We am so sorry to hear about the weasel and the chickens… it is sad news… we know how devoted you were to having the birds… heartbreaking…Sincerely, Maggie and Reiner


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