Conestogo Map

atlasConestogoMaps are taking shape! With my hope of publishing the Atlas of Canada’s Local Colours in time for 2015’s Year of Soil, I’ve been busy finalizing the layout and layering of my local colour maps. I’m continuing to develop in this work depicting the processes, time and colours resulting from my ‘placeful’ experiments in a spidergram. It’s also been an important consideration to present a strong sense of place within these maps. And, the balance between interesting maps and clutter has been a challenge … What you’ll see in this map is still strong in its lines, but also using simple forms—and even putting a little emphasis on certain aspects (such as the river) by using some simple shading. While these are a combination of both spidergram and map, I also have plans to use both individually in future.

As with any of my art, I’m sharing this work as something in progress … don’t be surprised if you see it someday hanging in a gallery and there’s more colours painted across it!

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