Guelph Quarry

Taking a well-earned break at the Guelph quarry.

Today my eldest son and I went to the Guelph quarry to go rock hounding. We had a beautiful sunny day and the perfect cool weather to enjoy ourselves.  We found many different crystals (a few which can be used for pigments) and came back after a full day with three big bags full of rocks.

In the pit I also found a iron streak in a big chunk of limestone.  It took almost 45 minutes to chisel it out, but I’m hopeful that it might prove to be a good source of ochre for that area.  On the way out of the quarry, we also passed a huge rock that was covered in iron ochre, but upon closer inspection it turned out to just be a coating and not worth anything as a pigment.

What a great way to spend a day!

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