New Local Colour Map Underway


I’m busy at work today exploring the local colours of Eldorado, Ontario. This is a place that I’ve visited many times over the years and I love the colour that comes from this location. Over the past few days I’ve managed to take the natural ochre from this community and subject it to temperatures ranging from 100°F to 2100°F … the  range of hues is amazing!

I can’t wait to share the results once the map is that far along!

4 thoughts on “New Local Colour Map Underway”

    • Hi Ken—I’m pretty excited about the colour range too! Once upon a time I inherited an old jewelry kiln. It’s small in size but perfect for this application. Wait until you see the map! —Symeon

  1. Hi Symeon beautiful colors, hopefully get home one day so I can hunt down some Ontario pigments. Still on the search in Kamloops and have found lots of incredible pigments, will try to grind down a lot this summer. Amazing the different rocks and pigments just in the Kamloops area.
    Best Kelly

    • Hello Kelly—Great to hear from you! I’m glad that your search for local colours in Kamloops is so enriching. Hopefully I’ll be back in Kamloops someday soon and you could introduce me to some new colours … Are you sharing images of your finds online? Would you send me a link? —Symeon


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