New Year; new start

With the new, 2010 year upon us I’ve been giving a little thought as to what direction my blog should take.  I’ve noticed that mainly people begin blogging with vigor, and then let the work die a slow death of neglect (I don’t want this to be the case on this site).

Part of my difficulty is that over the years I’ve covered a lot of the processes & preparations I use in my art and I’m not interested in repeating that again in this medium.  Beyond this, the connection between the image and the text becomes more time consuming.  My focus for the coming year is really my MFA studies and my upcoming show at the Elora Centre for the Arts in the Fall.  So, taking the time to find new written connections doesn’t fit at present.

Here’s what I’m proposing: First, I plan to regularly upload images from my studio with a short caption (like you can see above).  These won’t include written text, but will allow those people who I know are interested to peek in and see a little of what’s going on.  Second, I plan to keep the gallery section of this website up to date.  As works are finished, they will be posted right away.  And last, occasionally, when the mood takes or events inspire, I’ll post something I’ve written for consideration outside my visual art practice.

I hope that these three methods will meet the interests of both those who visit sporadically and regularly.  If you approve, or have other thoughts, I’d be interesting in hearing from you via the comment section below.

All the best in 2010!

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