Pigmented Photos: Prototype

Part of my year’s proposal currently talks about creating, “a variety of artworks that focus on the adventure behind creating colour”; with that in mind I’m trying something new …

Last year a number of people commented on how much they liked the photographs I typically take when I’m out collecting my rocks.  They also tell part of the story, but not in a way that I’ve been able to connect directly enough with the resulting pigment colours.  But, what if these photos could show more than just the image of a place or a process?  What if they also showed the colours?!

To find out, I’ve printed black and white photographs of some of my favourite images and am experimenting with painting them with the local colours I collected at that location or during that part of the processing.  And, even in so simple a palette, I am amazed at the variety of hues that can be created through opacity.

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