Potential Colours Work

With an interesting colour range created from my Madoc rock, the question before me was, “what next?”.  What could I create that would show the interesting progression (and the rock’s potential) that resulted from this processing?

My first inspiration comes from the colour palette cards that I typically create for myself.  But, in the case of this work, they have been scaled up and simplified.  In scale, I usually something that looks similar (so that it fills up a page of my notebook), but this work is 3′ x 3′ in size.  The simplification was important so to strengthen to overall work, but usually my records also demonstrate the opacity of the resulting pigment by applying multiple layers of paint and also are cut in half with a temporary varnish in order to show their saturated colour.  This work still uses an egg tempera medium, which really shows the colours well!

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