Wunderkammer Frame


Over the March Break I decided to take a break from my maps and icons and solve something that’s been bothering me for some time …

Over the past decade I’ve collected local colours from the soils and rocks of a lot of different places, but most of these amazing pigments are hidden away in drawers, buckets, or in my basement. Coming into my studio each morning, I only get to see a small selection of what I’ve found (or had been given to me by my amazing friends!). What I wanted was a way to enjoy all the different places and colours I have.

What I needed was a long row of shelves! After planning it out, a visit to the local sawyer put me in possession of enough tamarack wood to build one. This was a new wood for me, but I quite enjoyed working with it and I think the colour is quite good. The project hasn’t quite gone according to the timeline I had envisioned, but last night I inserted the last shelf. I now have almost 12 feet (3.7 meters) to fill with colourful pigments and objects.

So, while I know this is a little like showing off the frame of a painting before the work, here’s are the shelves that will be shortly filled with a vast array of local colours!

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  1. Looks awesome Symeon can hardly wait to see your incredible collection. I have about 4 shelves in my little apartment and tool boxes and closets full of pigment and rocks. Take care have fun and
    enjoy spring break


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