Saskatchewan Sampler

“Saskatchewan Sampler Spidergram”
25½” x 38½”
an assortment of local-colour pigments from Saskatchewan;
egg tempera; paper.

In preparation for the upcoming University of Saskatchewan course, “Creating Paint From Soil: Applications And Observations In  Boreal Ecosystems” (ART 398/898.3) I’ve created a preliminary sampler of local-colours from some of the soils forwarded to me by Ken Van Rees (Professor) Department of Soil Science.

Unlike my previous spidergram maps, which had a single sample at their centre, this map has a ring of five soils from around the province. There are some interesting things happening here and I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities further with the students.

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    • Eli—Perhaps reading the introduction to my spidergram methodology would help. You can find that here. If you have any specific questions, just post them and I’ll reply with my thoughts. —Symeon


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