A lifetime supply of Blue and Green

Today my family visited the Royal Ontario Museum, and we had a wonderful time.  Between dinosaurs and bat caves and totem poles and paperweights, we also explored the new Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth’s Treasures!  Here we found rocks of all shapes and sizes (even a meteor from the moon!) but it was the above specimen that really caught my eye.

It is a sample of secondary copper ore, from the Bisbee area of Arizona, made up of malachite and azurite.  In sitting beside it, I began to think of the amount of pigment such a rock would produce (not that I’m suggesting we pulverize such a beautiful sample, of course …).  I didn’t come to any conclusions, but I think that it would be fair to label it as a “lifetime supply”.

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  1. Hello~.. I baked mixtures of palygorskite(palygorskite) and woad powder.
    But only one bowl of my mixtures become dark. Another bowls didn’t become dark.

    I can’t understand how to make maya blue.
    I only thought that palygorskite and woad powder mix together and heat them.
    So I made mixture and baked in oven(the temperature is about 120˚C) 120˚C->393K

    Why my mixture didn’t become dark?;;

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    There is the pictures of my experiment.
    Please Help Me


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