Looking for Patrons

As I’ve already shared, the studio has had many changes over the past six months. There have been many different threads underneath the upheaval, but an important one for the studio has been the desire to work without contending with so many business considerations. Over the past five years, to keep the studio financially viable

New Studio Name

I’m excited to share a new name for the studio that has taken root here in Alberta: Red Earth Icons. When the studio moved, I knew it would be time to change its name. Conestoga refers to a particular place—one that has inspired me as an artist for the last 20 years. So much of what


Yesterday, the first snowstorm of November raged all day, so today, the bus to my school got cancelled. We got eight inches of snow, and it got really cold, so the buses wouldn’t start! (Yay!) Now I can help my dad, take pictures, and post on the website.

Wood Storage

One of the challenges the studio is always facing is where to put the wood I collect for making panels (from what I’ve read, it’s a common problem for woodworkers …). So, I was very pleased to receive this “animal shelter” from the local building supply store and outfit it for keeping my wood nice

Ready to go …

I’m looking forward to working out some new ideas in the coming months. It’s been especially helpful for me to consider what Hundertwasser said about the creative act, “The work of the artist is very difficult because it cannot be done by force, dilligence or intelligence.  I think that by strength and diligence and intelligence


Getting out and exploring an area for colour has been really good for my soul. And, I’ve realized some things about myself and my art making: My project isn’t about a Painting being connected to a Place (in some sort of ‘neutral’, or maybe ‘absolute’ way); it is about Me in a Place creating a

Assistant's Post

While I spent the whole day working in my studio, my favourite part was what my youngest assistant (and also my son) created from our backyard’s ice this morning.  Although I didn’t know what he was up to, when he came into my studio and asked me to follow him, I did.  He took me

Building a prototype canvas

With the drawing underway, I’ve decided to also begin working on some ideas I have for the construction of the panel.  Throughout my work, I’ve always thought it was crucial to let the different materials I use influence the finished work so it is time to give the panel a voice within this process! The

Drawings: Update

As one thing has built upon another, my sketches have begun to express a little of what I’m aiming to achieve over this year of MFA work at Transart.  While these are in no way finished works, sharing them will hopefully provide a glimpse of what has happened this month. Exploring the initial inspiration of

Drawing: Red maples and breakthrough

Along the Conestogo River there is a sentinel red maple tree that  must be a couple of hundred years old.  It is broken in half midway up it’s trunk and many of it’s branches have been infested with bugs.  Still, it puts out buds every year and leaves every summer.  While more than half the