The Craftsman’s Studio: CAFKA

Tonights studio tour went well. In opening my working space to the public for Cafka’s Haptic Festival I hope that their theme of touch & craftsmanship was met and that their week long event was enlivened a little in this event. Getting ready involved more than just myself; as you can see from the photo of Andrea (the host) and Michael (the flower-bringer) above. Forty people attended my evening function and they seemed to enjoy the wine, selected to represent the regions some of my fine pigments have come from; the wonderful Canadian cheeses; and the conversation.

A few notes of thanks: To my wife for her support and help in this event; to my friends who spread the word, brought people along, or showed their support by coming out; lastly, thanks to Jennifer Wood, of the Homer Watson Gallery, who was a great help in planning and also during the evening.

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