MMX Berlin exhibition announced!

I’ve received some exciting news: Through the vision and hard work of some of my classmates at the Transart Institute, our MFA graduate show will be at the MMX Open Art Venue, in Mitte, Berlin.  The exhibition is set to open July 23rd and end August 12th.

This is an amazing space (roughly 6000 ft² in the commercial art district of Berlin) and a chance to work with a curatorial group that has put on some great shows in the past.

A Local Colour Project: Minarovich Gallery

Last night my exhibition entitled, Saint of Cobalt: Barbara of Madoc, opened at the Minarovich Gallery in Elora, Ontario.  This was my first Local Colour project, and it was well received by an engaged group of attendees.  One of the highlights of the evening was an interview conducted by curator Phil Irish, in which we discussed the artistic benefits of limited means, personality and imperfections, and the spirit-bearing nature of matter.

It was a good evening; my thanks to everyone who attended for making it so.

Minarovich Gallery: Getting Ready

Tomorrow is the opening reception of my exhibition entitled, “Saint of Cobalt: Barbara of Madoc,” at the Minarovich Gallery in Elora, Ontario.  It represents my first Local Colour project, which I’ve been focused on this past year.  The exhibition culminates with two icons of Saint Barbara, created from the same prototype, each painted from a

Cambridge Centre for the Arts: Introduction

The Cambridge Centre for the Arts, a community arts centre, was opened in May 2001. It is owned by the City of Cambridge who is responsible for its management and operation. The City works co-operatively with the Cambridge Arts Guild. Ratified by City Council in January 1998, the Cambridge Arts Guild acted as the guiding

The Craftsman’s Studio: CAFKA

Tonights studio tour went well. In opening my working space to the public for Cafka’s Haptic Festival I hope that their theme of touch & craftsmanship was met and that their week long event was enlivened a little in this event. Getting ready involved more than just myself; as you can see from the photo of Andrea (the host) and Michael (the flower-bringer) above. Forty people attended my evening function and they seemed to enjoy the wine, selected to represent the regions some of my fine pigments have come from; the wonderful Canadian cheeses; and the conversation.

A few notes of thanks: To my wife for her support and help in this event; to my friends who spread the word, brought people along, or showed their support by coming out; lastly, thanks to Jennifer Wood, of the Homer Watson Gallery, who was a great help in planning and also during the evening.

Haptic: Studio Preparation

Tomorrow I am participating in CAFKA.07 by presenting, “The Craftman’s Studio” so today was spent tidying up. There were a number of little things that I wanted to get done before tomorrow’s event and one of them you can see in the photo to the left: A map of Canada which has the colours I’ve