Conestogo: River Walking

It was a hot day here in Conestogo, so it was perfect for a little of this and a little of that. After putting the studio back in order (charcoal makes quite a mess …) in the morning I attended to a number of small, ongoing projects. After the worst heat of the day was over, my children and I headed down to the river.

In driving along the Conestogo River I had noticed a place where I thought there might be some good rocks because the river slope was a little steeper, so we headed down there. It turned out that the whole hike was a good collecting trip. In total we found six beautiful, yellow ochre rocks (usually I consider it a good trip if I find one)! These are wonderful to have for the project.

It wasn’t a day for moving too fast so, with our treasures in hand enjoyed the river together, skipped some stones, tried a crab-apple for the experience and watched all the butterflies.

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