Drawing: Red maples and breakthrough

Along the Conestogo River there is a sentinel red maple tree that  must be a couple of hundred years old.  It is broken in half midway up it’s trunk and many of it’s branches have been infested with bugs.  Still, it puts out buds every year and leaves every summer.  While more than half the tree is now lays strewn about it on the ground, what remains stands erect.  I spent the whole afternoon today drawing this tree.  Moving from place to place for a different vantage or a spot out of the sun.

And, under this tree I had a little revelation whispered to me: a good way to draw a tree.  As is the way with inspiration, and the messengers who bring them, it become completely clear to me in an instance.  Now that I have my idea, I am left with only a sense of gratitude and an excitement to draw!

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