Drawings: Update

As one thing has built upon another, my sketches have begun to express a little of what I’m aiming to achieve over this year of MFA work at Transart.  While these are in no way finished works, sharing them will hopefully provide a glimpse of what has happened this month.

Exploring the initial inspiration of drawing a tree has been really exciting and little details have continued to make the sketches better and better.  Combining these sketches into a portrait of the village of Conestogo also clarified for me that I wanted to create works that were tall and not follow the usual method of landscapes being wide views of the horizon.

The newest work in these pictures is the introduction of colour.  It is here that I have new frustrations and work ahead of me in understanding the mediums of markers and pencil crayons.  Perhaps I’ll have something more convincing to show in this area by the end of October!

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