Glencoe Pilgrimage

The man who we met on the trail laughed when we ask him where the mine was in Glencoe. “There has never been a mine here”, he stated. I didn’t notice the playful gleam in his eye and began to protest when he cut in with a laugh, “It was just a pit!” When I asked if he could direct us to where the pit was he said he wasn’t sure that we would be able to find it, but he gave us directions anyway.

By that time we had been following different trails in the area for a number of hours. There didn’t seem to be much indication of any current mining operations (and after a hundred years we weren’t expecting any of the old operations to be visible). After looking around the area he had indicated we found a trail marked on the trees with paint and we decided to follow it.

While we didn’t find anything identifiable as being part of the old mining operations, the trail did lead us to a nice large pile of the mined ore. We picked through the pile and collected good samples. This ore is reported to make a very strong purple and it will be exciting to test once I get home.

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