West Gore Pilgrimage

We weren’t able to find out much about the old West Gore Mine, but the promise of a black Stibnite vein, “six feet wide” sounded promising when we headed out. Upon arriving it became obvious that the actual mining works were abandoned many, many years ago and there wasn’t a lot to see from that era (we found the piers of the foundry and some left-over cast iron parts). But it was a very picturesque area to travel through and our interest was in the rocks after all!

Altogether we found four pits, two of these were grown over with plants (and even trees), while the other two were quite clear. The typical Antimony-silver coloured the pits and even the paths around the area.

The key word in the report’s description of the black Stibnite vein seems to have been the, “a”. After much searching we were able to find some thin veins, no more than 4 mm wide. We were pleasantly surprised to also find good veins of yellow Stibine (a mineral closely related to Stibnite). It will be very interesting to work with these minerals once I get home and see what they yield.

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