Kintail: Mars Yellow

Only one step remains in creating my first Mars Colour …

Turning sand to magnetite, magnetite to iron, and iron to green vitriol has been a real education for me but with those steps successfully accomplished I had created the base for my yellow pigment.

The best results I’ve had so far proceeded from the following process: First, I prepared a special bath to receive the iron sulphate. In it I mixed 18 grams of alum into 150 ml of room temperature distilled water. Once the alum was completely dissolved, I added an equal amount (18 grams) of iron sulphate. In order to precipitate the iron out of this solution an alkali is needed; I used baking soda which I added a little bit at a time until the liquid turned bright yellow.

You can see from the photograph above the bright liquid that is formed in this process. The next step is letting the iron settle out and the liquid evaporate.

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  1. Dear SymeonWhat a great story you’re telling. Like a mystery tale — interesting, educational, folksy and leaving us wondering what the will come of it all. Great stuffJohn


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