Kintail: Mars Yellow

Only one step remains in creating my first Mars Colour … Turning sand to magnetite, magnetite to iron, and iron to green vitriol has been a real education for me but with those steps successfully accomplished I had created the base for my yellow pigment. The best results I’ve had so far proceeded from the

Kintail: Bloomery

The other part of my first attempt that I wasn’t happy with was the lack of good walls for my bloomery. I’m not naturally someone who likes one-time use items and there was no hope of reusing the half melted stove pipe. So, I went looking for good firebrick … There was a place across

Kintail: Magnetite

The magnetite collected at Kintail is great to have but there was one problem: Sand. No matter how careful we were I would guess that only 10% of what were carried away as magnetite. To solve this problem I decided to levy the one property that is indicative of magnetite: It is magnetic! After putting

Kintail: Collecting Sand

Ever since my attempt to make iron ore failed I’ve been asking myself why? Many times in my life after something hasn’t gone according to plan that failure has actually became an opportunity to better understand my work. I guess in reconsidering how something works, and fitting into that a new experience, I’ve come away