Local-colour spidergram installation

I’m very excited to share that my local-colour spidergram installation has been recently finished! All of my local-colour spidergrams—whether on paper or on walls—are about exploring a place through its colours. As a visual artist, this has proven to be a great adventure for me and for the communities with which I’ve worked.

This installation originates from earth collected in the town of Eldorado, Ontario in Canada and measures 5.5 metres (18 feet) wide by 3 metres (10 feet) high. At its base is a square monolith of that place and from that radiates a host of drawn lines. A flourish at the conclusion of each line indicates whether the colour is the result of levitation, grinding, or heating; with the length of each indicating the time spend on that particular process. Each line invites the viewer to follow one of many small experiments toward its colourful conclusion—which is encased in glass and bordered with silk and brass—amid the larger collection to which it belongs.

If you find yourself in or around my studio over the next month, I invite you to come and enjoy the work for yourself.

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