New Direction: Layout

I returned today to the work on the piece of art that I first imagined back in late January.  I’ve always found it hard to talk while I’m doing something (I guess I’m a monotasker) but blogging while I’m working out a project idea is even harder.  Still, since it was the focus of my day, I thought there were a few aspects that are clear enough to me that I can share them presently.

For the past few years I have had the desire to create a modern work of art.  But, without inspiration I couldn’t move ahead on this and I continued to paint the icons that I know and love.  But, a little into the new year I received an idea and little by little I’m working toward releasing it.  The process of creating it uses all the bits and pieces that I do for every icon I create, but they are used toward a different end.

This is also important to me and so even in this new work I will be composing a score for a voice that I know (and love) well.  And, for me this is very comfortable.  In spending an evening playing with clay a couple of years ago, an artist/friend stated, “You’re a builder”.  What he meant can be explored in these words of the major 20th century French painter Braque,

“I’ve always been much occupied and preoccupied with matter because there is as much sensibility involved in the technique as in the rest of the picture.  I prepare the colours myself, I do the grinding.  I am absolutely convinced that, to get the most out of a thing, the artist must be directly involved.”

I’ve spent a decade learning about preparing colour and it is only being true to myself to continue to use these expertises as I make art.

As you can see from the above photo, my work has begun with a gessoed panel not unlike the type I use in my iconographic process.  But the next step will be a little different!  I don’t know how much time I’ll have to work on this piece given my other commissions, but as I do I’ll post photos of the progress.

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