Getting out and exploring an area for colour has been really good for my soul. And, I’ve realized some things about myself and my art making: My project isn’t about a Painting being connected to a Place (in some sort of ‘neutral’, or maybe ‘absolute’ way); it is about Me in a Place creating a Painting (from that Place).  This is because in it’s essence, it isn’t the raw material itself that I like, it’s the person working with it (or their story) that I find beautiful.  It’s the person connecting/connected to their environment … this is why Andy Goldsworthy’s work is so wonderful to me, for example.

I need to connect to my centre in whatever work I do.  I have a few seeds of ideas of how to connect the spiritual to the trees, but I’ll see where the work takes me once I begin.  So I need to be in my paintings.  Not just my hand, but my soul too and that’s legitimate.  Does this make any sense (is this just gibberish to read? – my hard-won, week-long, revelation looks so self explanatory in print!).

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