St Martin’s Church, Linz

For the last week I have been in Linz, Austria. This being the last day of my visit, my host, Anja, arranged a special treat: Seeing St. Martin’s Church. St. Martin’s is the oldest church in Austria and is found in Linz overlooking the Danube. The oldest record mentioning it are from the year 788 AD.

The church still has two of it’s frescoes intact. To the left, you can see a photo I took of Christ. To the bottom left there is a musician playing and consequently receiving a golden shoe from our Lord. The whole church was beautiful. A few things that I thought were very special: To this day, mass is still celebrated weekly; the church is built on many layers, starting with pagan foundations, through Roman, and finally a church; and, the church is made with stones from many other buildings

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