Woad Pigment: Decantoring

I usually don’t allow myself to become obsessed about studio issues on Sunday, but today was a very relaxed day and the work was very minimal, so I did a little bit with the woad.

I also was looking for an end to my suspense! And, as I carefully got to the bottom of my pan I was very pleased to see through the deep, green water, that there was something on the floor of the pan. When I refilled the pan with clean water (to wash out the pigment) the water turned a distinctly more blue colour than last night.

Over the course of the day I went back outside and changed the water every three hours or so. Once it was cleaner, I also moved the pigment into a nice glass that would allow me to see more of what was happening.

The water still isn’t completely clear, but I do have a good dye.

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