Changing palette

With my interest in crows going strong, I’ve realized that the Conestogo colours I collected earlier really aren’t what I need in this particular painting.  Those colours will be great in another work, but for my crow I’ve decided to take some time and explore the rocks I collected in Cobalt, Ontario this spring (if

Cobalt: Minerals

So, what did we find in Cobalt?  Here’s a list of the minerals for those interested: Safflorite (cobalt): Collecting cobalt in Cobalt has a nice symmetry in my mind. Almost every mine site we visited offered a rock or two of this mineral. All told, I brought home over 50 pounds (23 kilograms) of it!

Cobalt: Visiting

The quest to increase my pallet of locality-based colours lead me to Cobalt, Ontario for the weekend.  The opportunity to do this came to me by way of Reiner and Maggie, who had planned the weekend with another rockhounder, Robert, and they invited me to come along. Cobalt is a town with an amazing history.