Ultramarine Blue: Beginning

One of the unexpected consequences of cutting the cabochon was a bucket of water with a layer of blue sediment (it was used to cool down the grinder while it runs). For many years now, I’ve wondered about creating ultramarine blue from lapis lazuli, but I’ve never gotten around to it. It is a pigment

Pentecost Star: Making a Cabochon

With the beautiful piece of lapis lazuli purchased, I had a new challenge in front of me. I’ve never cut a gemstone before, but I had recently seen a demonstration by Tim Elliott which impressed me. I knew that he was the man to ask about how to get it done. When I called him,

Pentecost Star: In search of blue

As I wrote in an earlier entry, for the centre of the Pentecost Star I wanted to place a piece of blue stone.  I had met someone during the 100 mile ART Project in Cambridge who did nice work making gem stones (and in conversation, he stated he was willing help on this front) so