Miniature Diptych: Bole

Using my regular mixture of bole and rabbit hide glue, I’ve applied the clay undercoat for the gold.  Again, because of their small size I had to rethink how to prep with these diminished shapes.

After the bole has dried, I do a fine sanding to make sure that everything is perfectly smooth.  But, because the pieces are so small I put the sandpaper flat on the table and then brushed the tiny panels over the surface.  The first time I tried this, I must not have had the panel level because I took off an entire side of bole!  I reapplied the clay-bole and, once it was ready, I gentle glided the miniature panels over the 600 grit paper.  This worked well, but I didn’t go any further with the sandpaper, instead I used steel wool to finish the work.

Now I’ll let them completely dry over night and tommorow I can gild – Deo volente.

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