Miniature Diptych: Panels

Today I finished the frame and panel construction for the diptych.  And, I’m really pleased with how things have turned out.  Both panels are tight and they fit together well.

One concern I had when I decided to use ebony wood was that it would look too much like plastic for another person to appreciate, but this certainly isn’t the case.  Once I was done using my scraper to plane the surface of the wood the grain was unmistakable.  I know that most individuals won’t take such a close look as this photograph provides, but it was something I thought worthwhile to share.

Ironically, while I was cutting my wooden pieces on the table saw I was thankful every time I turned off the machine; today, unconcerned about my chisel, I slipped and cut my finger rather deeply.  It’s funny how many times my life is like that …

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