Ready to go …

I’m looking forward to working out some new ideas in the coming months.

It’s been especially helpful for me to consider what Hundertwasser said about the creative act,

“The work of the artist is very difficult because it cannot be done by force, dilligence or intelligence.  I think that by strength and diligence and intelligence one can do anything else in life, but the rewards of art are totally unattainable by these means.  Therefore, by goodness even a good person, finds himself suddenly up against a barrier, he cannot get beyond it. I believe, and I am absolutely certain, and therefore I believe, that painting is a religious occupation, that the actual impulse comes from without from something else that we do not know, an indefinable power which comes or does not come and which guides your hand.  And the only thing one can do is to prepare the ground, so that this extraterrestrial impulse or however else one might describe it can reach you.”

After my tree series fell apart, I spent a good deal of time tilling the ground, hoping to be inspired again.  This work has been good, and I’m ready to go, with lots of pigment prepared.  Best of all, I feel inspired!

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